Eating From the Shepherd's Table

Eating From the Shepherd's Table

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Imagine…what it would be like to sit at  The Shepherd’s table every morning! 



Behind the Scenes

 I’ve always been a bird lover and owning a few birds in my life, I experienced the interesting perspective of being their nurturer: the hand that fed and provided shelter to a creature placed under my care. I contemplated that experience one morning while reading the Twenty-third Psalm. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, says the Psalmist. Comparing God to a shepherd lovingly tending his sheep.

In order to get the most out of these readings, I suggest that you view yourself as that humble sheep. The day of grazing has ended, the sun is setting and calmness has settled down over the flock. You’ve returned from a day of gleaning green pastures beside still waters, experiencing at times the threats against your peace from ravenous wolves or other predators. Picture yourself having this awe-inspiring opportunity to listen to the words being spoken by your Shepherd at His table.

It is my sincere prayer that each day’s devotion followed by a sheep’s prayer, brings you closer to God and allow you to view yourself as one out of many that were granted this astounding position. As you begin with prayer, come expecting to receive something from the table. I pray that the Lord will speak and encourage your heart as you sit in and listen.

Dr. Thomas E. Cunningham 

Eating From The Shepherd's Table


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